Tylos gausmas (anglų k.)

Tylos gausmas (anglų k.)




  • Metai 2009
  • Leidykla R. Paknio leidykla
  • ISBN 978995573627

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Tylos gausmas (anglų k.)

A memorial album dedicated to the annihilated Jewish communities of Lithuania. Photographs that capture the images of cemeteries, prayer houses, and other buildings and sites connected to Jewish life, or more precisely - images of what remains many years after the golden age of Jewish Lithuania. Alongside them are the Yiddish and Lithuanian names of towns and villages whose Jewish inhabitants made up a large proportion, perhaps even the majority of the overall population from the 19th and the first half of the 20th century - accompanied by a number of telling figures from their history. This book not only evokes the sadness and pain of loss, it reminds us of the people who drew their sap of life from Lithuania, who created and fostered their unique culture, who simply lived, in this land. We hear the din of the eternal silence that shrouds Jewish Lithuania.

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