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Baroque in Lithuania. Guide

Baroque in Lithuania. Guide

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Atsiėmimas knygynuose VAGA Tikrinti likutį fizinėse parduotuvėse
Leidykla: Baltos lankos
  • Metai 2007
  • Puslapiai 206
  • Leidykla Baltos lankos
  • ISBN 978995523074

Knygos „Baroque in Lithuania. Guide “ aprašymas

A thorough and abundantly illustrated guide of Baroque architecture and art monuments, bringing to light the main facts of the history of the Baroque in Lithuania, and presenting the most prominent works in this style. For Lithuania, the Baroque is one of the biggest epochs, which left a deep impression on the country’s cultural mentality. Important sacral architectural monuments from the XVII-XVIII centuries are presented in this book, many of which were created by famous Italian architects and sculptors, along with the unique Lithuanian "wooden Baroque”, good examples of which can still be found in the northwestern part of Lithuania. All you have to do is plan the route of your choice and get to know not only the Lithuanian Baroque better, but Lithuania itself.

Translated into English by Vida Urbonavičius.

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