Europos mitinių būtybių žemėlapis. EN

*Kaina VAGA lojalumo programos nariams
Atsiėmimas knygynuose VAGA Tikrinti likutį fizinėse parduotuvėse
  • Metai 2019
  • Leidykla Vilniaus universiteto leidykla
  • ISBN 0000427445286

Knygos „Europos mitinių būtybių žemėlapis. EN“ aprašymas

The Map of Mythical Creatures in Europe represents information on 213 mythical creatures that reside in the geographic territory of Europe.  A mythical creature as a supernatural being that is or was believed to be material creature residing in a particular territory on Earth and described in folk-lore sources native to that territory. Among numerous sources of information on mythical creatures, this map is unique as it contains geographic references and information on living environment of the supernatural beings. Information on their disposition towards the humans is also present. The database has been compiled by MSc students in Cartography at Vilnius University in Lithuania mainly from cumulative sources and verified against other published sources in Lithuanian, Czech, English, German, Latvian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian languages. The map has been compiled using the most advanced GIS technology, but designed in a style that resembles a historical map. Original drawings represent the 68 types of creatures, among them trollsm giants, dwarfs, dragons, creatures that combine human and animal features and creatures which appearance is variable or ambivalent, like Lithuanian Aitvaras, seen in shape of a rooster, as a fireball or invisible. As most mythical species are vanishing nowadays, the map is a valuable source of records, both for children and adults.  It also reveals some interesting trends of distribution of the creatures, like their great diversity  in the British isles or specific cruelty in the Balkans.

The map has been previously published in the Journal of Maps where  it received th eBest Map award in 2013. The reference scale of the printed map is 1:7,200,000. The size of the map image is 62.5x83 cm. It is complemented by textual descriptions of each of 213 creatures.


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