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The Method: A Surprisingly Simple Way To Be Happier & Achieve More

Kainos el. parduotuvėje ir fiziniuose knygynuose VAGA gali skirtis
Atsiėmimas knygynuose VAGA Tikrinti likutį fizinėse parduotuvėse
  • Metai 2023
  • Viršelis Minkštas
  • Puslapiai 146
  • ISBN 9798218119614

Knygos „The Method: A Surprisingly Simple Way To Be Happier & Achieve More“ aprašymas

Discover the power of The Method and take control of your life today! Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stuck, like your life is out of balance? You're not alone. Everything you need to succeed is already within you. It's only an unhealthy imbalance that holds you back. Imbalance of emotions, time, effort, and finances. Using just a marker and a whiteboard, you will break through the barriers of mental overload, anxiety, and procrastination. This time-tested system is surprisingly simple, yet powerfully effective in improving every area of your life.

In this book, author Vilius Komskis provides readers with the tools they need to become proactive in their lives and navigate the difficult waters of modern life. Komskis guides readers to recognize their own dreams and ambitions and clearly define their personal path to success. The Method is also full of essential life hacks, mental tactics, and research-based advice to help readers boost their career, increase their happiness, and improve their overall quality of life.

You will:

Feel happier and more fulfilled.

Find your passion or next step.

Get unstuck and out of a mental clutter.

Do less and achieve more.

Enhance relationships and foster greater connection.

Rewire your brain for success.

Start creating a life that you truly love.

Find out how Kobe Bryant saved his career by working less, why Buddhist monks shave their heads, and much more.

Discover why The Method works and see the changes for yourself!

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